Hypnobirthing is growing in popularity worldwide, it’s been huge in The States, the UK and Australia for a while and now we’re finally hearing about it here in Sweden, but what is it exactly…

Hypnobirthing, when taken as a course is a complete birth preparation method for both the pregnant person and their partner/support person. You don’t need to do any additional birth preparation courses but if you do, they will compliment one another nicely.


Hypnobirthing is a combination of deep relaxation, breathing techniques and knowledge about the body, birth and birthing environment. Together these create a fantastic foundation for exploring birth.

Unique to Hypnobirthing is fear release through self hypnosis and reframing negative assumptions/thoughts about birth. It also has very beneficial effects during pregnancy and the time after the birth.

Hypnofödsel®️ is the complete Swedish Hypnobirthing method. Designed for and tailored to birth in Sweden, exploring the Swedinsh maternity system and choices for birth, whether you take the course in Swedish or English. 

We believe everyone has their inner birthing power. It’s our physiology, born to birth. Over time the trust in ourselves, our bodies and our inner strength has been forgotten. Our course guides you to find it once again. We dare you to explore your options and believe you can have a positive experience no matter the journey you take to birth. 

Hypnofödsel Hypnobirthing focuses on giving you the information, knowledge and tools you need to trust yourself and the birthing process. We explain the role of your brain and nervous system during birth as well as how the birth partner can take an active role in both preparations and support during labour.

Our breathing techniques are efficient and easy to use, helping you prepare with confidence. Our unique relaxations are developed to be more than simply guided visualisations.  Together with a clinical Hypnotherapist specialised in Hypnosis for Birth, we’ve created our self hypnosis audios to guide you in finding your very own inner map to relaxation. A distinctive part of our method of Hypnobirthing is encouraging you to find what works for YOU, to own the preparation process and feel like you own your birth.


Is Hypnobirthing for me/us?

Hypnobirthing is for ALL types of births and birthers; hospital births, homebirths, c-sections/belly births, births with all pain relief, no pain relief and everything in between… It’s for anybody who wants to take charge and prepare for a positive birth experience. 

Hypnobirthing doesn't promise you a 'perfect' birth but does give you many tools that can help you create the best conditions for having the birth you wish for. 

The great thing is, even when the journey to birth changes which on occasion it can do, Hypnobirthing supports you to stay calm and confident, and to have a positive experience!