The Hypnobirthing course was the empowering and informing experience that both my partner and I were hoping for. Klara is exceptional at creating a relaxed and judgement free environment in which all fears and anxieties are held and looked after and then she makes them magically disappear! Thank you for an incredible introduction into hypnobirthing! I’m now feeling excited for my birth experience and feel I have the knowledge and tools to enter it with power.

- Tallara & Rasmus, first time parents.

Gothenburg, Sweden

“Hypnobirthing was the key to staying calm and in control, not only during labour but throughout my pregnancy too.

- Laura, VBAC Mamma. (Vaginal birth after c-section)

Gothenburg, Sweden

Wonderful 4 week Hypnobirthing course! Even though I have done a lot of mental training and mindfulness before and knew the basics of Hypnobirthing, meeting in person and learning from Klara is a whole other way to absorb the information. Her speech and overall way of describing things is very calming and reassuring. I left every class feeling so empowered! After the first class I told my partner how I wish all mothers to be were required to do this kind of course before having their first child. It should be considered just as essential as pre natal supplements. Highly recommend!

- Ann, first time Mamma

Varberg, Sweden

“My husband and I attended the four-week hypnobirthing course. Before attending the course we were anxious and nervous about the upcoming birth. This course helped us to prepare for the birth and gave us the tools and support to feel confident, and informed. My partner and I left understanding our options, addressing all our fears, and feeling confident to make the right choices for us. We now feel empowered to have the best and most positive birth experience. Everything about the course was perfect. Thank you for letting us leave feeling so excited about this amazing time in our lives.”

- Nikita and Lukas, first time parents.

Gothenburg, Sweden

“This course meant so much to me as a first time parent (dad) as I had no idea what to expect or how to give the best support I can to my partner during birth. Klara was clear, concise and well informed when delivering these sessions. My partner was also made to feel much more confident thanks to your course. Any first time or experienced parents should invest in taking part in this course as there is much to be gained. I am now aware of the importance of oxytocin and have an idea of how to be a useful and supportive birth partner. Thanks again, this pappa feels ready.”

- James, first time parent.

Gothenburg, Sweden

“My experience was so positive that I think about giving birth almost every day. I feel so jealous of women that are pregnant and have that experience ahead of them! I can't wait to do it again! Thank you for giving me the tools to go deeper within and handle the contractions!”

- Marija, first time Mamma.

Gothenburg, Sweden

"With such a quick labour this time, I didn't have time to get into a rythm or pattern or warmed up so the breathing, a really simple visualisation, relaxing into the waves and being heavy in my body were all I could do. All skills from your workshop! So glad I'd practised before hand. Thank you so much for all your generous help."

- Claire, third time Mamma.

Ljungskile, Sweden

"Thanks for all your advice and support during this pregnancy, the Hypnobirthing refresher with you was undoubtedly helpful and gave me the tools to keep calm at home for as long as possible. We were the perfect guests at Östra, In 'n' Out!"

- Romy, second time Mamma.

Gothenburg, Sweden

"Baby Leo was born on the 12th Dec. Eight hours of natural birth. Thank you for your knowledge and inspiration. The body did everything the way you described!"

- Daryna, first time Mamma.

Dubai, UAE

I took the relaxation course around 20 weeks into my first pregnancy and it was a great way to communicate with other moms-to-be and get into the mindset of self care. It helped me think about the type of birth experience we would want to create and how to take time in preparing for birth. The course was engaging and informative.

- Irene, first time Mamma.

Gothenburg, Sweden